Oh Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. When You please, You ease sorrow. 


Ya Allah, jadikan mata kami mata yang melihat kebaikan orang lain, jadikan hati kami hati yang memaafkan kesalahan orang lain, jadikan minda kami minda yang melupakan keburukan orang lain terhadap kami dan jadikan iman kami tetap di jalan yang Kau redhai
Sham Kamikaze

if only

If only i knew...
That things gonna be this way
That this battle is so hard to survive
That this path is so long and tiring
That people judge me for what i did
That I will be suffocating
That I cried everyday
That I will be so strong ut
That I'm gonna be very fragile and weak
And that I've changed so much from yesteryears
If only if only I knew
I don't know if im gonna choose this journey
Maybe i will or maybe i won't

My battles, I'm gonna share it someday
I chose this I wont back out
I'll choose to fight
No matter how hard it is, maybe the fight's not gonna be that pretty
I'll stay and fight
Fight for my pride
O Lord, help me through this for I am a very weak slave of yours

she was like the moon, part of her always hidden away