Graduation day!


6/11/2013 was my convocation day. Woohoo! Finaalllyy graduating from this universityyy! Alhamdulillahh:) It was really a memorable one. I got all teary in the inside. I'm so happy and glad to be able to graduate together with my close friends:). 
I was given a little surprise from my dearest faculty (Fakultas Kedokteran). I got all shaken up when it happened. In front of thousands of people? Seriously? But it was pretty funny. Well, at least my dream was actually came true. 

In case you're still wondering, here it goes. When my name was called up to the stage, it went like this... 

" Siti Aisyah bt Nik Mazlan.. Dengan kepujian" 

I was likee whaaaatt? Since whennnn? Amagaddd, should I walk? Should I? I remember making weird expression on stage. Omg, everyone was watching the screen. Even my sister said that I looked nervous on stage, or more like a weird face. -_-

But it was actually, me showing 'say whaaaat' face. I didn't actually got the title, it was definitely a mistake. But after all, the whole audience gave me a big applause. It felt good, really. And also funny at the same time. 

To umi &abah, this is for you. Thank you for always be there for me through thick and thin. I love both of you to the moon and back :')

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