I was working at the male medical ward, running thru and forth like crazy. Never got a chance to drink or eat. or sit. or even cry. There never be a calm day in medical ward. 

One day, there is this Bangladeshi guy who was admitted for dengue fever. He's been eyeing me for quite some time and by the time I came to review him, finally he said it,

" akaa.."

" Sudah makan kaa belum?"

I was like. aw, concern jugak patient aku ni

" Baru saja makan. kenapa"

And he said,

" Ala, baru nak kirim makanan"




I met a new houseman at the place where I work. She asked me how I managed to survive my housemanship life so far. Apparently, she was just getting scolded by an MO and couldn't handle it. I'm like, 
"Just make sure you do your job properly. It's 'okay' to be yelled at, as long as u learn something. Don't worry, in the end u'll get used to it. Ha-ha"

I guess i'm turning into a heartless zombie.