assalamualaikum! I've finished my 4th posting which is such a relief, pheww :) And I had a 6-day leave but I had noo idea where to go. I'm thinking of Japan, or korea since there's sakura blooming season. Unfortunately, no one's going to follow me as it was a last minute decision. So, I asked farhana to join me for a trip to Perhentian Island. Well, I kind of hate going to an island, but I really really love beaches and oceans.

I waited for farhana at Kuala Besut jetty. It was raining quite heavily at first. Alhamdulillah it stopped after awhile. We took a small boat from the jetty to Perhentian island. The 40 mins ride on the boat was.......hell. I think the boat driver was 'high' or something. He was speeding like there is no tomorrow. I was not feeling well. So... I puked...once, in the middle of the ride. How... embarassing. The boat driver started to slow down after the incident. haha

We stayed at the Arwana Perhentian Eco resort & beach chalet. The room was okay-lah. The air-cond works perfectly fine. But there's no television as was mentioned in the internet. It was quite frustrating. 

The view from our hotel was very nice. The beach was not as white as the Turtle bay's one. But it was fine for me. The sound of the oceans was surprisingly calm. It was a bliss. To be away from the concrete jungles, away from the noisy chatterings, away from the busy traffics. I wish I could be stranded at the island for a few more days. 

We tried scuba diving for the first time. It was a nerve-wrecking experience. And as expected, I have trouble with breathing inside the water. Man, I wish I had a fin. As we went into the sea, slightly deeper, I got a panic attack. My leg starts to cramp, I started to hyperventilate, the sea water get into my goggle. My mind had a lot of things going on. I...just...can't...sifu... please bring me back to the I went up to the surface. Teehee. I'll try again some other time..

Ah Long (our scuba dive instructor) was having so much fun teasing me. ^ uprolling of eyeballs
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