Kids. Some can be very cute but most of them can be so annoying. But this one i encountered is the cutest one! I was doing my morning round at the ward, as usual. I started with this boy first. I brought together my blue paediatric protocol and put it nicely on his cardiac table. I thought it will be difficult to ask questions for this child as his parents wasn't around. It turns out that he's such a good boy, he sat on his bed comfortably answering every single questions I asked. Then I moved on to the next patients. After few hours later, I realized that my book has gone missing. I searched the whole ward for it, i might went a lil bit crazy! Then I remembered I put it on the boy's cardiac table. But it wasn't there either. Suddenly, my eyes catched something blue just beside the boy. He was sleeping, while holding MY book in his arms. Aww, whyy on earth does my paeds protocol doing there? I slowly took it from the boy without waking him up and went away like the gush of wind.

A few weeks later...

I found an exquisite art inside my book. I wondered who is the mysterious artist! Such a delicate work, i thought.

I tried to recall who would be drawing this. Finally I remembered a boy who slept with my book few weeks before. Ni kerja dia rupanya. Hehe. I could give him a reward for this. Cuteness.