thoughts on India

It was a random decision to finally agreed on joining a group of friend who are going travel to India. I took everything on consideration, the budget, the travel buddy, the season and of course the timing itself as I was planning to do Umrah this year. Does it going to worth it? I hope so. It never crossed my mind to visit India this year. My thoughts on India is that it has negative and positive sides. The one that I looked forward to is, the beautiful architectures, bright colours everywhere, of course I would like to try the food, and I recently interested to go to Kashmir after watching the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I saw multiple beautiful pictures on Instagram. So excited to explore India! While the negative sides would be, that it is a crowded place, people talking loud, lack of hygiene in view of stuffed environment. and the fact that some says the men in India being a bit sceptical toward women.  what do I know, right? I only watched Bollywood movies so I don't really able to picture how it's like in India. Anyway, I hope that I get the best experience in India and hopefully will change my view about the country. 

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